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5-10 minutes


Primary / Junior / Intermediate




To help students adopt a growth mindset when faced with challenges

  • Whenever students encounter challenges, remind them of the power of yet! Reframe any negative self-talk that you hear, and replace the student’s statements with a more optimistic, growth perspective.
    • I can’t do that…yet.
    • I don’t understand…yet.
  • Watch for students using “yet” language and reinforce them for taking this learning stance
  • Video: Carol Dweck – Power of Yet, TEDxNorrköping

  • Read: The Little Engine That Could (Piper, W) and/or stories of professional athletes who use visualizations
  • Consider using ‘the power of yet’ posters or other visuals around the classroom.
  • Could be used to encourage collaboration and empathy for individual differences.
  • This practice may be helpful when introducing new skills and concepts.
  • Teaching the concept of growth mindset in the classroom before introducing this practice may be helpful.

Taking a growth mindset appears to be a helpful tool for facing challenges. It provides a space for learning through difficulties, and for thriving in spite of hurdles (Dweck 2006; Dweck, 2008). Though the evidence base is young in this area, encouraging a growth mindset seems to hold promise for reframing negative life events and inspiring positive action.

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