Acts of kindness

Acts of kindness help students engage in more compassionate ways with each other and appreciate the value of helping others. Through acts of kindness, students can build more positive relationships with their classmates.


Being a good friend

Peer acceptance and friendship can help students to feel good about their school experience and perform better in the classroom. Students can learn to appreciate what makes them a good friend and what attributes they value in others.


Being respectful

Learning to recognize and celebrate how people are both the same and different helps students appreciate diversity and to respect and care for each other.


Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution skills are best modelled and practised in a safe and supportive environment. Students benefit from learning how to solve conflicts appropriately, using words.



Empathy skills help with conflict resolution and maintaining positive relationships. When students learn to put themselves in another’s shoes, they can develop new and more compassionate perspectives.



Active listening enhances empathy and acceptance of differences. Students who listen well are more attuned to the needs and perspectives of others, which can help with social relationships.