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We don’t provide mental health advice, counselling, or treatment. If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact your local community crisis team. You can also reach out to the Indigenous Hope for Wellness Help Line 1-855-242-3310, the Black Youth Helpline 1-833-294-8650, or Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868.

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Updates to the Identity-Affirming School Mental Health Frame

Last fall SMH-ON introduced the Identity-Affirming School Mental Health Frame for Reflection and Action. The Frame was developed to help guide school boards as they thoughtfully reflect and plan resources and supports for their respective communities to meet the unique mental health needs of every student. 

Throughout the process of development, including through the launch, SMH-ON has continued to consult and engage with many of you and other key collaborators, to ensure the Frame will best meet the needs of boards. As a result of this ongoing consultation, the Frame has been updated to reflect the feedback gathered. 

In the previous iteration of the IA-SMH Frame, reconciliation and equity were represented as the ‘seeds’; and anti-oppressive practices, cultural humility, decentring whiteness and centring Black and Indigenous perspectives were represented as the ‘roots’ – this tied the Frame into an unnecessary planting analogy, and felt very linear and layered.  

In the latest version, we have moved away from separate sections of ‘seeds’ and ‘roots’, and inserted those areas within the domains of the frame. These updates include: 

The intention of these updates is to provide a more intuitive version for stakeholders, that we hope will make it easier to understand by explicitly referencing all elements of the Frame and ensuring they are visually represented within the Frame graphic.