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Assess Your School

Reviewing and assessing needs, gaps, resources, initiatives, and capacity is an important part of the school planning process. This is equally true when considering how best to embed mental health and well-being into the school plan.

You likely already have data that has a logical connection to mental health and well-being (e.g., school climate surveys, administrative data, student voice inputs) and could gather more perspectives as part of the planning process. In addition, the Leading Mentally Healthy School Reflection Tool can help you to reflect on core elements of mentally healthy schools, to support overall school improvement planning.

Our assessment tools are designed to help you reflect on core elements of mentally healthy schools and to support overall improvement planning.

Leadership suggestion: After completing the assessment yourself, consider having your mental health leadership team or entire staff complete the assessment. You could also run an assessment activity with your school council. Discuss the results as a group.

Classroom Reflection Tool for educators
Leading Mentally Healthy Schools Reflection Tool
Top 10 Conditions Reflection Tool
Mental Health and Well-being in School Improvement Planning