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2-10 minutes


Primary / Junior / Intermediate




To help students feel special and that they matter and belong within the classroom

Identify a teacher’s helper for the day (or week). All students must have a turn.

Consider what makes this role special:

  • Offering students special seating.
  • Students can lead a calendar/lesson.
  • Creating a VIP poster board with pictures that tell the class something about them (they present it and then it is posted in the class for one week).
  • This could be done as an “All about me” book.
  • For older students, the VIP poster could be done as a photovoice project.

Students who experience a strong bond to school are those who feel secure and valued; they feel they are known and liked. This is not directly dependent on academic success but on the relationships students have at school. Students with a strong school bond are likely to have increased academic interest/engagement, which impacts the potential for their success in school. Adolescent students specifically noted the value of teacher-student relationship in their class engagement and enjoyment (Bergin & Bergin, 2009).

Bergin, C., & Bergin, D. (2009). Attachment in the classroom. Educational Psychology Review, 21(2), 141-170.

Every life is a gift from God. Acknowledging, nurturing and giving thanks for our individual gifts helps us understand our life’s purpose as contributing members in society.

(5g) A collaborative contributor who achieves excellence, originality, and integrity in one’s own work and supports these qualities in the work of others.

Demonstrating literacy and mathematics behaviours: to use language, images, and materials to express and think critically about ideas and emotions, as students listen and speak, view and represent, and begin to read and write