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2-3 minutes


Multiple times daily




To help students develop a habit of using self-reflection skills to regularly check-in on their thinking

As students are working independently, ask them to use these five quick questions:

  • What am I working on and why?
  • How is it going?
  • Do I need support?
  • What is next?
  • How am I using my strengths?
  • Make use of scaffolding:
    • Prompt students to make notes about the questions as they are working.
    • Work towards sharing an answer(s) with a partner.
    • Work towards independently self-checking for understanding.
  • Use the five questions as an exit card.

Research suggests that motivational interviewing techniques (encouraging questions) can help increase students’ achievement in school. Encouraging students to use these skills independently to check-in on their own learning can help to reinforce their ability to self-monitor, which increases their ability to reach their goals (Embry & Biglan, 2008).

Embry, D. D., & Biglan, A. (2008). Evidence-based kernels: fundamental units of behavioral influence. Clinical child and family psychology review, 11(3), 75–113. doi:10.1007/s10567-008-0036-x