Our Strategy and Action Plan

Everything we do is evidence-based and student-centred. Our work is aligned with the Ontario curriculum.


To achieve our collective vision, we work together with schools and systems on five collaborative goals:

  • Students are welcomed and included and feel a sense of belonging and caring at school
  • Students learn skills that help them to identify emotions and cope with stress
  • Students learn about mental health and know when and how to ask for help
  • Students receive timely and responsive evidence-based prevention and early intervention services at school
  • Students and families know where to turn for more intensive support when needed


For 2019-2022, we have six key strategies to achieve these goals:

  • Welcoming, safe, inclusive, and culturally-responsive settings for in-person and remote learning
  • Evidence-based, culturally-responsive wellness promotion and social-emotional skill development
  • Student mental health literacy, help-seeking and peer help-giving, family information and support
  • Early identification and early intervention for students with mild to moderate mental health and/or substance use problems
  • Framework for system collaboration and service pathways, family information and support, suicide prevention
  • Implementation coaching, communication and co-creation, measurement and monitoring, ISU Lab, equity-focused mental health

School Mental Health Ontario 2019-2022 Action Plan