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2-5 minutes per day


Junior / Intermediate


Index cards, markers, bulletin board


To encourage support seeking, which is an important skill for personal resiliency

  • Explain that everyone experiences stress and that some stress is necessary and normal, but when we become overwhelmed, we need to find ways to manage this. Let students know they have resources to manage stress and that they will be creating a bulletin board of ways that can inspire others as well.
  • Students can do research on the subject, articles can be provided, or they can draw on personal experience. Remind students that faith-based strategies (praying, meditating, writing a letter to God) help manage stress.
  • They can create an index card with lettering and images explaining their positive stress management idea (e.g., listen to music, draw, go for a run, pet an animal, talk to a trusted friend or adult, etc.).  Post these ideas on an accessible bulletin board.
  • Instead of cards on a bulletin board, post ideas on Post-it Notes for people to take as needed (this could also happen in a change room or washroom).

Students may feel stressed and overwhelmed without realizing it or may be aware of these feelings, but unsure of what to do to manage these feelings. Normalizing stress through psychoeducation can reduce the impact of stress on well-being and development (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2008; Van Daele, Hermans, Van Audenhove, & Van den Bergh, 2012). Sharing strategies in the classroom helps model that we all need to develop the coping skills that will allow us to be resilient in the face of stress.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2008). The effects of childhood stress on health across the lifespan. Retrieved from: http://health-equity.lib.umd.edu/932/1/Childhood_Stress.pdf

Van Daele, T., Hermans, D., Van Audenhove, C., & Van den Bergh, O. (2012). Stress reduction through psychoeducation: a meta-analytic review. Health Educ Behav, 39(4), 474-485. doi:10.1177/1090198111419202

Turning to God in times of stress can help us manage difficult situations in our lives. Jesus teaches us that all things can be made easier when we ask God for help.

(5a) A collaborative contributor who works effectively as an interdependent team member.

Self-regulation and well-being: to learn and develop their own thinking and feelings, and their recognition of and respect for differences in the thinking and feelings of others