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20 minutes


Primary / Junior / Intermediate


Sidewalk chalk


To welcome others to the school and to allow students to share ideas

  • Prepare for this practice by selecting messages and images that are diverse and inclusive so that all students feel included, welcomed and represented. 
  • Students generate ideas for the graffiti (e.g., using quotes, keywords, translations).
  • Reflection: How do positive spaces and messages demonstrate virtues?
  • Students use sidewalk chalk to create the messages.
  • Take photos/share.
  • The graffiti may be done on posters.
  • Images can be hashtagged and tweeted.

This practice links together the protective factor of school belonging/mattering and the benefits of expression through arts. Activities, as such, also develop student decision-making skills, and allow a student to create as an individual or alongside a peer – creating potential reasons for increased social relationships (Roorda, et al., 2011; Ronkko & Lepisto, 2016; LaPorte, 2016).

La Porte, A. M. (2016). Efficacy of the arts in a transdisciplinary learning experience for culturally diverse fourth graders. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, 8(3), 467.

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Our faith journey reflects who we are and who we strive to become. Engaging in art literacy experiences nurtures positivity and builds a sense of community as it brings us closer to God.

(5d) A collaborative contributor who finds meaning, dignity, fulfillment and vocation in work which contributes to the common good.

Belonging and contributing: to develop with relationships with others, and contributions as part of a group, a community, and the natural world