About the resource 

Faith and Wellness: A Daily Mental Health Resource – Secondary Edition offers a collection of high-quality, everyday mental health practices to enhance students’ social and emotional skills. These practices are rooted in the Catholic Faith and align with the Ontario Catholic School Graduation Expectations (OCSGE).

The resource was produced by School Mental Health Ontario and the Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association (OECTA). The practices are evidence-informed, co-created with teachers and school mental health professionals and have been vetted by youth.

Why focus on mental health at school

Teachers play an important role in the lives of students. As trusted and caring adults, teachers are well positioned to help students learn about and care for their mental health.

Positive mental health is foundational to academic achievement, life skills, and overall well-being. The relationships and connections made with students will have a positive impact on student’s mental health now and in the future. Learn more about mental health and the role of schools in Ontario in mental health promotion, prevention and intervention. 

What is social-emotional learning?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) that’s culturally responsive helps students to develop the intra- and interpersonal skills they need to flourish throughout their life. When all students in a class or school learn about and practise social and emotional skills, their sense of belonging within the classroom, school and community improves. Everyone tends to communicate in more positive and thoughtful ways, and they show respect for diversity of thought, culture, language, faith, identities and expression. Ensuring all students have a sense of belonging in their school community and classroom is vital for well-being. Learn more about social-emotional learning.

Share your feedback

We welcome feedback about the resource. If you find practices helpful or have comments that may help us improve, please submit your ideas.